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Guide to Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x

Redmi 4x has caught another improved MIUI Global Stable ROM, recently Xiaomi has rolled out the latest update for Redmi 4x with numerous changes. The MIUI Global Stable ROM has enhanced features, improved performance and bug fix stabilities. Although, all the latest improvements have available on MIUI Global Stable ROM. So if you are willing to Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x, then you are the correct place, just follow complete phases and install the latest update on Redmi 4x.Guide to Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x

The MIUI Global Stable ROM has rolled out via OTA (over the air), but not caught all users of the notification. So if you have got OTA notification, then skip the article and proceed the on-screen instruction and update Redmi 4x. Otherwise, the update has not yet notified your device and you can’t wait for notification. Then follow step by step guide and install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x. First, the process check it out the update manually, simply go to Settings > About Phone > System updates > Check for the update.


  • The updating guide only for Redmi 4x. Don’t gain the process for any other variants. Cause it may brick or damage your device.
  • Follow-up step by step guide and don’t miss anything, if something goes wrong we will not be responsible. Proceed at their own risk
  • To installing new ROM on your device, it may erase your important data. So we advise you first Backup your important data and then proceed the process.
  • Unlock the bootloader on your phone if your device bootloader is locked.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device, simply go to settings> about phone> MIUI Version and tap on it 7 or 10 times. Then you will notify “you are a developer
  • Then go back to settings> developer options and enable USB debugging.
  • Properly charge your device before starting the process. At least 60% and then proceed.
  • To performing new ROM on your phone. Then your device must be running MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM.


  • MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 4 (Recovery ROM). Download Link
  • MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 4 (Fastboot ROM) Coming Soon

How to Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x

Follow the below link and update your device with the easy and simple method. We share both methods to install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 4x via Recovery and Fastboot.

How to update Redmi 4x MIUI Global Stable ROM (Recovery & Fastboot)

If you have any trouble then feel free and leave the comment below we will try to contact you ASA possible.

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