Download and Update OnePlus 5 To Android Oreo 8.0 (AOSP 8.0 ROM)


OnePlus 5 has already got the Android Oreo 8.0 OTA update, and the firmware has run smoothly and stable on the OnePlus 5 smartphone. It has all the latest features, better performance and everything’s going better on the OnePlus 5 phone. But if you are the advanced user and want to some more customization and optimisation on our smartphone. Then we are here to guide you and share easy step with you to perform a successful updating on your device. So today we share how to update OnePlus 5 to Android Oreo 8.0 custom ROM. Follow below for more detail info about AOSP 8.0 ROM Android Oreo 8.0.

Download and Update OnePlus 5 To Android Oreo 8.0 (AOSP 8.0 ROM)AOSP based on latest Android Oreo 8.0 firmware, that has all the latest features, new apps, better performance. And also some more useful advanced features that can look different from stock firmware. AOSP 8.0 ROM has perfectly stable and smoothly runs on the OnePlus 5 smartphone. AOSP 8.0 ROM can perform more reliable and better result on your smartphone battery life, running OS, quick response. And much better efforts you will see after installing AOSP 8.0 ROM on your OnePlus 5 phone. Gain the process but before keep read some important steps. And then get towards to the main guideline to installing AOSP 8.0 ROM on your smartphone.


  • Guideline only for the OnePlus 5.So don’t gain the process for any other variants. Cause it may brick or damage your device.
  • Your device must be running on OxygenOS 4.5.10
  • Follow-up step by step guide and don’t miss any step during the process. We will not responsible if something goes wrong proceed at their own risk.
  • The AOSP is the initial alpha build, so some bugs will be expected.
  • To update OnePlus 5 AOSP Android Oreo 8.0. Your device should be Rooted and Custom Recovery will be installed.
  • Enable Developer Option on your device, for that press several (7-10) times on Build Number. Then you will see a message “you are developer”.
  • Now go to Settings> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging option on your device.
  • Backup your important data before proceeding the process. And save to a safe place that you can easily access.
  • Properly charge your device, at least 60% first of process.


How to Update OnePlus 5 To Android Oreo 8.0 (AOSP 8.0 ROM)


Step 1: First set up the  Minimal ADB and Fasboot Setup on your PC. And then connect your device to the computer with proper USB data cable.

Step 2: Now download AOSP 8.0 ROM file and extract it in the ADB and Fastboot folder. And then open up the ADB command prompt window. For to do simply write cmd in the address bar and press Enter on ADB installation folder. See below screenshot.

Step 3: After that connect your device to the computer and enter into the fastboot mode. For to do so simply type the below command.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 4: Once you enter into Fastboot mode, then check your connection by typing below command in command prompt window.

  • If it will return your device serial number, that means your device connected properly. Otherwise, check your driver if the command is not responding.
fastboot devices


Step 5: Now enter the below commands one by one.

fastboot erase boot

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash system system.img

Step 6: Once the command completed then reboot your device to Recovery Menu and Wipe Data.

Step 7: And in the last Reboot your device.

That’s it! Now you have Update OnePlus 5 to Android Oreo 8.0 ROM, keep enjoy your smartphone with the latest firmware and new features.

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