How to Install Marshmallow on Huawei P8 B317 [Official]


Huawei P8 B317 is rolling out to update our variant to marshmallow firmware. It is the big changes in his features and new upgrading. Now fell free and update Huawei P8 to latest Android Marshmallow firmware. It is the final release version and bugs fixed beta testing.
If you have Huawei P8 B317 then follow the full tutorials and install marshmallow on Huawei P8.Install Marshmallow on Huawei P8

Install Marshmallow on Huawei P8 but keep your mind the given update for the Europe at the moment, with the GRA-L09 product code. So if you have this variant then gain the process and install marshmallow on Huawei P8. If you haven’t received the update yet, then follow simple update process. This update is applicable to the Spain variant. Still, if you have the GRA-L09 product variant. Then forward and install Marshmallow on Huawei P8.

First Follow This.

  • First of all, charge your smartphone battery up to 80% and then go ahead.
  • Backup your important data and save on the safe location before proceeding the process.
  • Download the Android Marshmallow update file. Marshmallow update detail are below
  • Update Detail

Marshmallow OTA – 434 MB – download here.

Full Firmware – 1.46 GB – download here.

  • Device Detail

Device Name  Model        Android                  EMUI    Firmware

Huawei P8        GRA-L09    v6.0 Marshmallow    4.0         B317

How to Install Marshmallow on Huawei P8 B317 [Official]


Step 1: After downloading the Android Marshmallow on your Huawei P8, then copy the update file.

Step 2: And rename the update file to, not any others name or anything else.

Step 3: And then create the folder on the internal storage or memory card.

Step 4: The folder name must be dload and create on the root folder location.

Step 5: And then copy the file to this folder.

Step 6: Make sure your Huawei P8 is running on the B188. If your smartphone isn’t running the B188 then you can update your smartphone to B188 and then proceed the process.

Step 7: Once you install B188 firmware then go ahead to Setting and tap on the update.

Step 8: And then press the menu button and click on the local update option.

Step 9: Select the file and confirm the installation process.

The above process is fully automatic, so keep relax and wait for completing the process. Once install Marshmallow on Huawei P8, then enjoy the new features on your Huawei P8.


The Tutorial for install Marshmallow on Huawei P8, if in the process went something wrong. Smarts Guide cannot be held to responsible, keep proceed at their own risk.